COVID19 - The NEW BIG C word! BUT! Dont Forget... Its not just Covid that is taking our loved ones!

During these difficult times, We know that we are extremely lucky to still be able to operate, and we are able to deliver safely, but urge you to keep it simple, beautiful casket flowers only.

Your loved ones tribute flowers, are so personal! as will be, the funeral arrangements.

During Covid 19 and lockdown we must consider the safety of you, your family and those that are taking care of your lost loved ones.

Small close family members only! its such difficult times.... we need to consider safety first, compassion too, but maintain fresh beautiful flowers on the day. We can supply, ESSEX ONLY and deliver Free of charge! our casket flowers are from £250.00 - upto £350.00

We’ve made a few changes to the way we operate, we are continuing to listen carefully to advice from the government, as well as Public Health of England and the World Health Organisation.

We’re incredibly grateful for your ongoing support through these difficult challenging times

But we are here to help you now!!!!


Memorials will be another day!

For now say goodbye with beautiful flowers.......

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